Ambrose Vet Housecalls


Dr. Susan Ambrose has been providing veterinary care

in pets’ homes since 1998.


Ambrose Veterinary Housecall Practice

provides housecall services for

clients with dogs and cats

in Calgary and the surrounding area.

These services include:

*wellness exams (and advice regarding vaccination)

*non-emergent veterinary care

*palliative care for ill and aged patients

*diagnostic testing

*in-home euthanasia

Please call 403-605-8610 to schedule an appointment

or email

or  when I am not available please try the following housecall vets:

Dr. Kirsten Mackenzie @ 403-990-3736

Dr. Sonia Bernal @ 587-899-8387

Dr. Claire Cooney @ 403-818-6508

Welcome to the Ambrose Vet Housecalls Site

*We are not accepting new clients at this time*